Storytelling is at the heart of what I do. As a qualitative researcher, I understand that data is more than just numbers. It's the voices, the lives behind those numbers that tell the story.​


I connect deeply with consumers. I go where they live, work and play and connect organically through in-person and online interactions. Whether it's an in-home interview, a shop-along or a focus group discussion, I use place-based interviews to uncover deeper insight.

I am the Principal and Founder of QualOne Research, a full time research firm specializing in qualitative market research within the African-American, urban and millennial consumer segments. Our services include design and development of qualitative and quantitative research, recruitment, moderating, interpretation and strategic analysis. We offer a full range of qualitative methodologies including telephone, online and in-person interviews, focus groups, online bulletin boards and ethnographies.

I have worked as a project manager and program evaluator for several multimillion dollars projects and bring this experience to the design of every study. I use my experience in the classroom as a professor of psychology and my 20+ years as a researcher to build rapport and trust with respondents. I work to uncover the thoughts and behaviors many have a hard time articulating, knowing when and how to probe for more so my clients learn more. 


I have a B.A. in Psychology and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, both from Michigan State University, and I am a member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association.



Explore and identify the preferences, motivations, and buying behavior of your targeted consumer through direct observation, online bulletin boards, in-depth interviews, or focus group discussions.


For every project, I will provide a detailed proposal based on your needs, then design and test discussion guides and observation protocols, recruit research participants, and contract research facilities, if needed. I will debrief with you and your research team throughout the research process and prepare a thorough report with key findings, nuanced insights and actionable recommendations that can be used to drive strategic business decisions. In each deliverable, data is displayed with eye-catching visuals, infographics, and interactive dashboards that make the findings more digestible and easily shareable.  

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Participatory approach to study design and data analysis

Outside the box thinking from study design to data analysis

Studies tailored to client needs and research objectives

Regular updates throughout the project

Data you can use

Accuracy and honesty in data collection and reporting



TEL: 313-300-4347  |  ebony@qualoneresearch.com